Administrative  Staff

1. Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy
Assoc.Prof. Wirat   Niwatananun , Ph.D.
2. Associate Dean for Research and International Affairs
Assoc.Prof. Sirivipa   Piyamongkol , Ph.D.
3. Associate Dean for Administrative and Alumni Affairs
Assist.Prof. Songwut   Yotsawimonwat , Ph.D.
4. Associate Dean for Planning and Quality Development
Assist.Prof. Ratanaporn   Awiphan , Ph.D.
5. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Assist.Prof. Hathaikan   Chowwanapoonpohn , Ph.D.
6. Assistant Dean for Information Technology
Sakon   Supakul , Ph.D.
7. Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies
Assist.Prof. Ampai   Phrutivorapongkul , Ph.D.
8. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Somjing Roongjang , Ph.D.
9. Assistant Dean for Professional Affairs and Academic Services
Assist.Prof. Nantawarn   Kitikannakorn , Ph.D.
10. Head of Pharmacy Service Center
Darunee Hongwiset, Dr.rer.nat.
11. Director of the University Pharmacy
Assoc.Prof.Chabaphai Phosuya, M.A
12. Head of Pharmaceutical  Sciences  Department
Assoc.Prof.Suporn  Charumanee, Ph.D.
13. Head of Pharmaceutical Care Department
Assoc.Prof.Chokchai Wonngsinsup, M.Sc.



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