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          Chiang Mai, the ancient capital of Lanna Thai (the Kingdom of one million rice fields), the first independent Thai Kingdom in the fabled Golden Triangle, is located in a privileged fertile valley 900 kilometers north of Bangkok and some 300 meters above sea level. This northern city and its provinces are regarded as a national Shangrila thanks to the invigorating climate, it's scenic beauty, distinctive festivals and the rich history of its magnificent temples dating back over 700 years.


       The people of Chiang Mai are famous as skilled craftsmen who produce handicrafts, which reflect their customs. The rich environment and rural lifestyle has inspired local artisans to produce a diverse range of artifacts that include wood carvings, basketry, silverware, ceramics, and woven cloths. Skilled craftsmen have not only transformed local raw materials into household objects, but have also created meticulous works of art for local rituals and religious ceremonies.
        The natural environment and the charm of the Chiang Mai culture with its unique festivals attracts many visitors. Local craftsmen no longer produce things as practical items to serve their own needs. Today, the artifacts for sale are decorative souvenirs produced by a large handicrafts industry which has grown with tourist and export demand.
        The charm of Chiang Mai not only draws visitors throughout the year, but also entices many people from other places to settle down or seek their living in Chiang Mai. As a result, there has been a large growth in the numbers of hotels, resorts, golf courses and other businesses helping to serve visitors and residents alike. This migration and increasing prosperity has brought about the expansion of urban areas reducing the amount of land under cultivation.
        Moreover, agro-industries have encouraged the introduction of a wider variety of marketable crops. The net result has been a marked reduction in the amount of land under wet-rice farming, the traditional basis of the old rural culture of the valleys.




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