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The Northern Research Center for Medicinal Plants

The Northern Research Center for Medicinal Plants consists of 4 sections as follows:
The missions of this center are to collect information and specimens of local medicinal plants, to systemically conduct research on northern Thai medicinal plants, to conserve local knowledge and encourage its application to a maximum use and to standardize the usage of medicinal plants.
1. Medicinal Plant Garden
Located right behind the Faculty of Pharmacy, cover an area of 8 rais (approximately 3 acres)
The activities are as follows:
•  Survey and information gathering on medicinal plants used by local “Lanna” folk medicine practitioners of northern Thailand
•  Collection and cultivation of medicinal plants for research and conservation
•  Study on the cultivation of medicinal plants used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products
•  To make available medicinal plant varieties as well as providing information regarding their cultivation and care


2. Medicinal Plant Museum
Located on the first and fifth floors of the building 4 (Chalerm Prakiet Building). The museum on the 1 st floor displays medicinal plants specimens and collects the Lanna medical manuscripts including Pub-sa and Bai-lan from several sources and is opened to the public. Thai traditional medicines made from medicinal plants and/or natural origin materials, including the instruments used for their preparations are exhibited. Some simple instruments of Thai style are used for a health promotion scheme. These include foot massage and back and shoulder massage. The fifth floor housed a number of herbarium specimens for purposed of research, reference, and comparison, as well as botanical identification.


3. Northern Medicinal Plants Research Laboratory
The activities are as follows:
•  Preliminary determination of active chemical constituents in medicinal plants.
•  Phytochemical and pharmacological activities studies of medicinal plants and folk medicine.
•  Study of the use of medicinal plants and local medicines in the treatment of aliments in Northern Thai communities


4. Traditional Medicine Production Laboratory
The activities are as follows:
•  Development of medical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic formulations from medicinal plants.
•  Consultation on qualified medicinal plants production according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Further details please contact:- Assist.Prof Dr. Sunee Chansakaow, Director
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Research Interests
1. Herbal and alternative medicine
 ::Therapeutic effect evaluation including::
 - Antidiabetic: Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Giant Fern, Hairy Basil, Mulberry
 - Antioxidant: Flacourtia cataphracta Roxb., Indian Mulberry, Citrus medica L., Excoecaria bicolor hassh, Pueraria mirificaairy shaw et suvatab, Echinacea purpurea, Amaryllidase
 - Antimicrobial: Mangosteen, Vetiver grass, Chamomile oil
 - Anticancer: Curcuma aromatica salisb
 ::Modern Herbal Products:: Cream, Cosmetic Product, Spray
2. Pharmaceutical raw materials: Chitosan, Starch, Wax
3. Novel pharmaceutical preparations development: Nanopharmaceutical preparation, Organogel, Targeted drug delivery system
4. Pharmaceutical drug analysis: Food, Insecticide, Chloramphenicol
5. Pharmaceutical care research: Pharmacoecomic research, Adverse drug monitoring, Healthcare system, Consumer protection



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