Academic  Staff
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Provides the best quality of undergraduate study, higher education in fields of Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy.
  Head: Suporn Charumanee, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Vice Head: Pimporn Leelapornpisid, M.Sc., Associate Professor
Faculty Members

1. Ampai Phrutivorapongkul, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
2. Aueporn Chaiwan, M.Sc., Associate Professor
3. Busaban Sirithunyalug, Dr.rer.nat, Associate Professor
4. Chadarat Ampasavate, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
5. Chaiyavat Chaiyasut, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
6. Chalermpong Saenjum, Ph.D., Lecturer
7. Darunee Hongwiset, Dr.rer.nat., Lecturer
8. Jakaphun Julsrigival, Ph.D., Lecturer
9. Jakkapan Sirithunyalug, Dr.rer.nat., Associate Professor
10. Nabhaporn O-ariyakul, M.Sc., Associate Professor
11. Nisit Kittipongpatana, Ph.D., Associate Professor
12. Nopphadon Chalawturm, Ph.D., Lecturer
13. Ornanong Kittipongpatana, Ph.D., Associate Professor
14. Pensak Jantrawut, Ph.D., Lecturer
15. Phuriwat Leesawat, Ph.D., Associate Professor
16. Pimporn Leelapornpisid, M.Sc., Associate Professor
17. Rungsinee Phongpradist, Ph.D., Lecturer
18. Rattirose kanakarn, Ph.D., Lecturer
19. Sayam Kaewvichit, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
20. Sasithon Siriloon, Ph.D., Lecturer
21. Siriporn Okonogi, Ph.D., Associate Professor
22. Sirivipa Piyamongkol, Ph.D., Associate Professor
23. Somjing Roongjang, Ph.D., Lecturer
24. Songwut Yotsawimonwat, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
25. Sunee Chansakaow, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
26. Suntara Eakanunkul, Ph.D., Lecturer
27. Supat Jiranusornkul, Ph.D., Lecturer
28. Suporn Charumanee, Ph.D., Associate Professor
29. Surapol Natakankitkul, Dr.rer.nat., Associate Professor
30. Usanee Kumprakob, M.Sc., Associate Professor
31. Wantida Chaiyana, Ph.D., Lecturer
32. Warintorn Ruksiriwanich, Ph.D., Lecturer
33. Wisinee Chanmahasathien, M.Sc., Assistant Professor



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